Friday, 19 September 2014

Exciting News!!

Hello teacher buddies! I have some exciting news, I needed to buy a domain on the web to use it for e-mail and all my tutoring information, so after a looooooo--oooong think about it, I've decided to move the blog location to the new website. Nothing will change, just the location. It is right here:

Sea of Knowledge

I'm very excited about this, although I'm also not so excited due to the whole process of moving blog posts etc. I will be moving some but the others will remain here on this blog. I will be using the new location for new blog posts.

I hope that you could join me there too! I have two SURPRISE freebies once you get there. One is when you sign up to the blog (e-mail list) and the other is a new fun game for vocabulary freebie!

Once again, I love hearing from you!! Leave me a comment here (or in the new location) and I'll have an even bigger surprise in store!! :)

I would love for you to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. :)

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