Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Let's Talk about Books - Linky!

Hi friends! I'm linking up with Deanna Jump today, I love this linky! I've always loved books as a child and I've moved houses about a dozen times and still lug around my favorite books. :)

Today, I'm going to share a book I found on We Give Books. I have discovered this site recently and I think it's a great way to do shared reading in class if you own a projector / computer. 

I love so many titles! I chose this one as I particularly love books that teach children morals that sometimes adults can't just explain in words. Picture books are the best for that!

This book is titled "Don't Worry Bear" by Greg Foley:

This book can be accessed right here for free: Don't Worry Bear

This book is the friendship category, it teaches children how to care for their friends. It is written very simply and for children aged between 0-5. 

It starts off by introducing the bear and the caterpillar as friends. The bear sees the caterpillar hard at work and finds out that the caterpillar is building its cocoon. 

The bear comes back with a flashlight and the caterpillar tells him that it isn't afraid of the dark. He comes back repeatedly to help the caterpillar throughout the cold, wind, and rain but the caterpillar said that nothing can bother it and that it's cozy in its little cocoon.

The bear was constantly worried about the caterpillar and kept coming back to help. This is a good point in the story to begin questioning the children, why did the bear come back? How did the caterpillar feel when the bear came back to help him? etc. (discuss feelings)

Finally, the bear gives up and happily leaves the caterpillar and doesn't check on him for a while. When he finally comes back he sees that the cocoon is empty. He begins to worry again, and he thinks that he will never see the caterpillar again. 

This would be a good time to discuss what happens to caterpillars when they go into a cocoon. This is good if the children have learned the life cycle of a butterfly. 

Finally, a beautiful butterfly lands on the bear and tells him that he's back. 

Loved this book! I hope you like the sound of it! I think your class will enjoy it towards the end of the year or even the beginning of the year. Will be linking up with more books in the future. :)

Check out the links right here at Deanna's blog for more inspiring ideas. Deanna's title has free printables! :)

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