Monday, 23 June 2014

Two for Tuesday #2

I'm so excited that we've started our winter holiday break and the picture above is making me so envious of the most of you who are on sumemr break! Well, at least I have a picture to remind me of the warmth of summer hehe... It is FREEZING here in Sydney today. 

Anyway enough about that rant! I'm putting tww of my products on sale if you wish to start buying for the back to school prep. :) 

Here they are:

Wishing you an awesome summer!! :)

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Summer Bloggin' Week 4 ~ Meet Me!

Hello friends!  Today I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune for their Summer Bloggin' Series!  The above is a picture of three things that you may not know about me...

1. Repeat a new song endlessly! --- Yes, I do this. Please tell me other people do too?!? My sister HATES this habit LOL. 

2. I wish my eyebrows grew at a normal rate so that I could get away with not doing them every two weeks but I guess luckily they aren't dark, so it's not too bad. :)

3. Yes, I've tried this 3 times last week. Whenever I skipped coffee in the morning - I'd get an impending headache right around 11AM. Strange?! 

Head over to the Teaching Tribune and enter you Monday- Meet-Me! Would love to read all about you! :)

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Free Font Friday #2 -Teaching Tribune Link Up

Hi friends and fellow font lovers! :) Sorry it took me so long to link up this week! We've had such a busy week, we visited my cousin who just had the cutest baby we've ever seen! We also had my friend's 30th :)

Anyway, I love making new new fonts and I've got a HUGE bundle of fonts purchased from amazing sellers including, Mel from the Pond, MGL Fonts (Stefanie Galvin), KG (Kimberly Geswin Fonts) and Hello Fonts from Hello Literacy. Sooo many more but these are the ones I've used and loved - I'm sure you're all familair with them. :)

Here is my freebie font for the week, so excited! I made this font after I had a shower and my hair did the FUZZ haha... Can you tell?

Click on ther picture to get it! 

You can use this font for commercial and personal use, if you'd like to see more, my font bundle of 48 is available here. I've got another set of 16 fonts to be added to this pack real soon! The price goes up but once you've purchased it you can just download at no extra charge! :)

Hope you enjoy using this font! =)

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Teaching Tribune: Two for Tuesday! 50% Off Two Products!

This is so much fun! On this day I can imagine that most teachers' have had enough planning (I know I am) - we are off for the school holidays in two weeks yay! 
For this link up, I'd like to offer these two products at 50% off for 24 hours. One of them is a back to school product which you can plan ahead and the other is a summer pack for pre-kinders.

Click on the picture for more details!

This pack is a great introduction in Grade 1 especially throughout those first few weeks of school, it includes activities which review concepts learned in the previous year in Kindergarten.

There are some get-to-know me printables to be used in literacy centers or as a class:

Some fun literacy based activities are included:

Some math activities and much more!

The next pack that 50% off will be a fun pre-kinders summer skills review pack:

Click on the picture for more details:

I hope you have an awesome summer, check out the Teaching Tribune for more awesome savings!

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Monday, 9 June 2014

Summer Bloggin' Week 2 - Meet Me!

Hi friends! I know that most of you are enjoying the time off at the moment in summer and I'm not jealous at all.... (yea right!!) =P This post is a fun meet up hosted by the lovely Mel From The Pond at The Teaching Tribune.

Feel free to join this meet up, it's so much fun! There's something for each day of the week! Hope I could keep up lol.

Anyway, here's my meet-me page:

PS: I have a count-down to summer sheet next to my computer.

I'd love to read up on all your posts!! Head to The Teaching Tribune to add your linky. :) 

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wordless Wednesday Link Up :)

Hi friends! I am linking up with the fab Miss De Carbo today for wordless Wednesday. It suits me well that I'm in Australia and that it's Thursday - because I'm so late at doing everything! lol 

Here is a picture of one of the few sunny days we've had recently. We went for a jog in the park and snapped this pic while the sun was making a dance in and out of the clouds. :)

You could even use this as a quick writing prompt for autumn/fall.

Head over to Sugar and Spice for more great wordless Wednesday links. :)

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Let's Talk about Books - Linky!

Hi friends! I'm linking up with Deanna Jump today, I love this linky! I've always loved books as a child and I've moved houses about a dozen times and still lug around my favorite books. :)

Today, I'm going to share a book I found on We Give Books. I have discovered this site recently and I think it's a great way to do shared reading in class if you own a projector / computer. 

I love so many titles! I chose this one as I particularly love books that teach children morals that sometimes adults can't just explain in words. Picture books are the best for that!

This book is titled "Don't Worry Bear" by Greg Foley:

This book can be accessed right here for free: Don't Worry Bear

This book is the friendship category, it teaches children how to care for their friends. It is written very simply and for children aged between 0-5. 

It starts off by introducing the bear and the caterpillar as friends. The bear sees the caterpillar hard at work and finds out that the caterpillar is building its cocoon. 

The bear comes back with a flashlight and the caterpillar tells him that it isn't afraid of the dark. He comes back repeatedly to help the caterpillar throughout the cold, wind, and rain but the caterpillar said that nothing can bother it and that it's cozy in its little cocoon.

The bear was constantly worried about the caterpillar and kept coming back to help. This is a good point in the story to begin questioning the children, why did the bear come back? How did the caterpillar feel when the bear came back to help him? etc. (discuss feelings)

Finally, the bear gives up and happily leaves the caterpillar and doesn't check on him for a while. When he finally comes back he sees that the cocoon is empty. He begins to worry again, and he thinks that he will never see the caterpillar again. 

This would be a good time to discuss what happens to caterpillars when they go into a cocoon. This is good if the children have learned the life cycle of a butterfly. 

Finally, a beautiful butterfly lands on the bear and tells him that he's back. 

Loved this book! I hope you like the sound of it! I think your class will enjoy it towards the end of the year or even the beginning of the year. Will be linking up with more books in the future. :)

Check out the links right here at Deanna's blog for more inspiring ideas. Deanna's title has free printables! :)

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