Saturday, 24 May 2014

Five For Friday (Finally!)

Hi friends! I'm soooo glad that this week is over and that Friday finally arrived! I am linking up with the awesome Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday link up. (I always say I will do it, but every week it's a miss because out of nowehere... groceries or something soo random comes up! Grrr) I made it this time, and I've actually scheduled it so that it goes through at a certain time even though it might be missing some info... (let's hope not - if I see a drop in followers I'll understand lol)!

1. Speaking cards - I used these in my class this week. They were so much fun! Students had to use the conditional tense to'talk' about what they would do if they were in that particular situation. Each card includes a hypothetical situation. You can get the freebie right here at this link:

2. On Monday, we lost someone in the family (on my husband's side). She was a great aunty and sister to my mother-in-law and I know that we will miss her dearly and that she is watching over us in heaven. She deserves an honorable mention.

3. I teach computer courses and I've been looking through links on the internet to help me teach those really important Word processing and basic computing skills in my classes. I have found this website to be so useful! It includes links to tasks for basic, intermediate and advanced levels for students learning Microsoft Word and Excel. 

The link is right here: Abacus Training College.

4. I do some tutoring (what with the time I have left these days) and my ESL students find it very difficult to engage in a listening task without seeing videos or pictures, so I dug up some videos on the internet (got to love Youtube). I found the Mr. Men series really engaging for young kids! This video is titled 'Mr. Bump Goes on a Trip' and it's quite engaging. 

5. Finally some Friday Humor to end this post! :)

I hope you've grabbed yourselves a few tips or two to help you throughout your teaching adventures. I'll be returning soon with a blog post on teaching comprehension skills. :)

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Thank you ;)

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  1. Found you through the link up. I love the Mr Men stories, I've used the books in class, but never thought about watching the videos on youtube, thanks for the idea!

    Butterflying Through Teaching

  2. Hi yara, What a colorful blog you have. I like the color scheme as well as your way of teaching...thanks for your creation.....glad to know you are teaching Computer Courses too.