Saturday, 24 May 2014

Five For Friday (Finally!)

Hi friends! I'm soooo glad that this week is over and that Friday finally arrived! I am linking up with the awesome Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday link up. (I always say I will do it, but every week it's a miss because out of nowehere... groceries or something soo random comes up! Grrr) I made it this time, and I've actually scheduled it so that it goes through at a certain time even though it might be missing some info... (let's hope not - if I see a drop in followers I'll understand lol)!

1. Speaking cards - I used these in my class this week. They were so much fun! Students had to use the conditional tense to'talk' about what they would do if they were in that particular situation. Each card includes a hypothetical situation. You can get the freebie right here at this link:

2. On Monday, we lost someone in the family (on my husband's side). She was a great aunty and sister to my mother-in-law and I know that we will miss her dearly and that she is watching over us in heaven. She deserves an honorable mention.

3. I teach computer courses and I've been looking through links on the internet to help me teach those really important Word processing and basic computing skills in my classes. I have found this website to be so useful! It includes links to tasks for basic, intermediate and advanced levels for students learning Microsoft Word and Excel. 

The link is right here: Abacus Training College.

4. I do some tutoring (what with the time I have left these days) and my ESL students find it very difficult to engage in a listening task without seeing videos or pictures, so I dug up some videos on the internet (got to love Youtube). I found the Mr. Men series really engaging for young kids! This video is titled 'Mr. Bump Goes on a Trip' and it's quite engaging. 

5. Finally some Friday Humor to end this post! :)

I hope you've grabbed yourselves a few tips or two to help you throughout your teaching adventures. I'll be returning soon with a blog post on teaching comprehension skills. :)

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Thank you ;)

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Summer Going Onto K, Update for Fontaholics + A Freebie

Hi everyone! This will be a short post, I've recently completed this pack for a friend of mine in preschool. I looked for one on TPT but couldn't find a skills pack just for preschool or for kids going to Kindergarten, this pack reviews very basic skills in preschool such as motor skills, basic tracing, letter identification and number counting to 5. It includes very basic skills review and it's jam packed with summer themed graphics so children don't feel that they are 'learning'. Here are some pages from the pack:

I've included 3 sets of readers that can be printed out, cut and assembled. They can be decorated while reading:

There is a freebie in the preview download, I've also included it here:
Click on any of the following images to download it!

If you'd like to see the full package, it's right here:
 Feed The Whales! - Pre-primer Dolch Sight Word Practice
Here is another freebie I created exclusively to Facebook Fans (I've been seriously neglecting that page lately haha) Here it is, but I'm sorry I can't make it available on the blog, so if you have Facebook just head over and grab it! :)

Click on the image to take you straight to the page!

Finally, I've added 14 more fonts to the bundle of fonts at Teachers Pay Teachers (who can get enough right?) I now have a little note my my favorite fonts to use only because it takes me that much LONGER to decide on fonts for cover pages lol... So, if you've purchased the pack download it again! I've got some favorites from this bundle. :) here they are (click on the image to take you to the bundle which now has 48 fonts in total!):

Thank you for reading! (well, what do ya know... turned out to be a long post hehe!) I've got a great giveaway coming up soon to celebrate new followers! Stay Tuned. :)

Monday, 5 May 2014

Teacher Appreciation Giveaway, Math Mystery Messages in Action!

First off I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me out in proofreading my recent units! It really does help me a lot in knowing that the unit is going up for sale in its perfect condition. (Not to mention saving a lot of potential embarrassments =P) On this note, I decided to join this awesome HUGE teacher appreciation giveaway with Amy from Teaching In Blue Jeans (LOVE the name of her blog :) and decided to give back to all the great teachers out there. SOOO many ideas and SOOOO many ways to incorporate FUN into learning. I can't tell you how many times I've come accross an idea and jotted it down for use and then when I'd be stuck, the idea will come to me suddenly because I've read it on a blog and seen pictures of it! :)

Anyway, onto some teaching stuff. Last week I prepared a pack to be used for tutoring. I created this pack over a year ago and thought I'd blog about how to use it. It's quite confusing when you just see the title like this: 

It makes you think: is it for word work? Is it for reading? Is it for math? What is it?? Haha. I got this idea while tutoring, I thought to myself, how could I make MATH more fun?? Children love riddles, quizzes and games and find that these things help keep them motivated and wanting to participate in the activity if there is some sort of element of competition or surprise in it. 

Anyway, this pack implements a review of these standards:

-Counting & Cardinality: Numbers between, before and after within 20.
-Operations & Algebraic Thinking: Fluently add and subtract within 20.
-Counting & Cardinality: Know the count sequence.
-Operations & Algebraic Thinking: Solve addition and subtraction word problems.
-Counting & Cardinality: Count to answer to “how many” and the number of objects.

Will be adding more as the year progresses. :)

When you first open the document, you will see the standards and directions:

Then, if you had printed the whole document you will see the posters of a simple comic between two characters. I like to laminate these so that they can be re-used, although it's really up to what you prefer. You could even print them in black and white and hand out a sheet to each pair of students. It starts with Mystery Message 1, then with the puzzles etc. 

The students first read the poster in the groups they are assigned to. They try to have a go at guessing what the answer to the riddle is; you can even ask the class as a whole group to get the students more keen on finding out! This was especially fun! Once they are done, begin by explaining that each student will receive one recording sheet to color in their first mystery letter for puzzle A.

The recording sheet looks like this and 1 sheet is needed for each student for each puzzle, students can write their puzzle letter at the top. For instance, it's the answer to puzzle A and my mystery letter is _____. Etc:
Here are what the puzzle pages look like:

Students solve each puzzle and collect their letters to find the answer to the riddle. The key answers are all given in the pack in color. Students can choose to use highlighters, colored pencils, or anything really to color in their boxes! 

They can leave the puzzle on the side to help solve it, or you could also each group work on different puzzles, so each student gets to work on one puzzle and then have a team effort going!

Hope you've enjoyed reading through this post, If you'd like a sample freebie from this pack to try it out (you could play a mystery letter mini game with it), it's right at this post on my blog, just click on the image below to grab it:

Last but not least, enter here to win an amazing bundle of 55 resources from teachers...just to make your life a teeny bit easier! :)

Thank you for reading!

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Thank YOU Teachers! :)

It's ON! :) 

Prepare your carts for massive savings on May 6th-7th! I have to go back to my wishlist and cut 190 items off (and I'm disappointed) :(... There are JUST SO many TPT stores with awesome products. I'm trying not to buy so many graphics but I just can't help it! =)

This sale is to celebrate all the awesome teachers out there, all the ahrd work they put into after hours unpaid! It's really amazing how we can cook, clean, lesson plan all the while listening to the washing machine in the background lol. If you're anything like me, I always like to prepare ahead, but with the craziness of it all - we sometimes end up behind schedule. This is why I LOVE TPT. Last minute life saver!

Anyway, my store (along with so many others) will be 20% off for the two days and if you enter the TPT promo code at checkout (Do not forget this! - haha I did once!) TPTXO (My FAV code yet) you will recieve a further 10% off! 
Just some of my favorite end of year / and all year round additions to my store are below. :)

Great for end of year print-outs and review.

Some Minion fun!

Morning work for K. Will be adding the second bundle soon or will bundle up altogether! 

Great huge unit all about the community that integrates language arts, maths and more!

Newest addition of 14 fonts (more coming real soon) to all the teachers addicted to fonts like me! =D

Some bundles from my ESL store:

Flashcard Bundles!

Happy shopping!! =D

See more at Sea of Knowledge or ESL World! :)