Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Fresh New Look, The bears are back & A Giveaway!

Hello all! First of, I'd like to thank Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs. She did an awesome job on refreshing the look of this blog! After all e-mails I've sent her I think I drove her crazy haha. Honestly, if you are looking for a new look for your blog there are two options you can choose from at her blog. I wanted a fresh new look which could incorporate my new ideas and resources at ESL World just as well as ideas from the Sea of Knowledge. I think it looks great. What do you all think?? Would love to hear your opinions. :) My sister is currently working on a new website for the Sea of Knowledge which will be here in the next few months hopefully. I'm very excited about that, I've never had my own domain before, I have ABSOLUTELY no clue what goes on in it...on second thought I'm a little nervous about that lol!

I have learned a lot of new tech stuff in the past few months of clicking, undoing, clicking, and then undoing again lol. I will share some of that knowledge with you all as I know how overwhelmed I was when I first started. There are some great tutorials out there for bloggers and all but not too many specific to teaching stuff (this includes apps, iPad etc).

Anyway, enough rambling! Onto some updates. The bears are back! I'm currently working on completing a large Number Bears Unit - the first unit will be only based on  mathematical concepts for beginning skills. I created a freebie a century ago if you remember titled "Number Bears" and I received a million (well not really a million, but I like exaggerating =P) requests to add numbers and activities to the pack. Well It will be here soon!

If you'd like a chance to win this 96-page unit, please comment on this blog post with your name and e-mail and pin one of the images below! :)

Here's what it'll include:

I've also included recording pages and practice pages for those intervention learners / ELL/ESL learners, they are designed in an easier format to allow these students to learn the skills but at a slower pace. 

Some more practice printables included for further practice / assessment:

I would LOVE to giveaway this pack to two awesome bloggy teacher friends! Just leave a comment below and pin one of the images above and I will choose a winner once I'm ready to upload it, which will be in the next two days (hopefully) :)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Five For Friday & Free PU (Personal Use) Fonts :)

Hello all! I have decided to join the Five for Friday Linky Party with the fabulous Doodle Bugs Teaching.
This is mainly because my blog has been so neglected and lonely I needed to liven it up a little and I love the idea of joining others in linkys! SO much fun clicking through (if you don't have a GIGANTIC to do list - or if you do and want to ignore it like me haha).

Anyway onto number 1. I have this at number one because cake is just that important! =P I finally managed to perfect the cinnamon cake I've been longing for haha... It looked quite puffy and golden - soft on the inside but still not soft enough?!? Does anyone have an idea of how to keep a cake soft on the inside? I welcome any ideas. :)

2.  This week I started using task cards with my ESL students. I created basic verb cards (to be/to have) and some cards for irregular verbs. They LOVED them. It really did spice up our grammar lessons! I don't like using too many worksheets in class -- I don't think they truly understand why a correct verb tense was chosen for example (and sometimes they just guess!). Anyway I will be blogging about these cards in detail soon. :)

3.  The cooler weather has clearly begun in Australia -- and I can feel it! I started wearing socks at home. Not a good sign lol. My students were joking in class this week about our crazy weather -- they decided to bring hand fans, umbrellas and jackets all on the same day! And I don't blame them - we've honestly had the craziest weather. At one stage our temperature soared to 28 degrees and two hours later to 19 degrees. 

4. On a brighter note, My sister begun her wedding dress shopping today and the start didn't go as smoothly as we'd hoped. She is looking for a simple design with no beads or lace and everything out there has those! It's looking like a longer than expected search. :) 

5. Finally, I've added a bundle of fonts to my store they all begin with the initials YB so once they're installed - it would be super easy to find them! Anyway I've linked them here (after taking forever to figure out how haha) for free for personal use. (Check out my terms TOU below!)  If you'd like to use them for commercial use, you can purchase the bundle at my store right here. I will be adding more to that collection as I go!

I have always wanted to create fonts but just never had the time and with all the wonderful fonts out there I've got nearly all of the fonts for some amazing sellers on TPT and thought I can't get enough! So, I'll make more! These were mainly created during the blissful Christmas time of holidays. :) Click on the pictures to get the fonts! Hope you like them! :)

  Anthony Doodles (Which is actually my husband's writing. I love it! Haha)

Slanted new road is a great font to be used in headings. :)

This next one is probably my favorite one! I use it on my titles and alternate between lowercase and uppercase letter - they look great in bold. :)

 Hope you enjoyed this post! I welcome any comments and if you like the fonts how you will use them! I will be more involved with this blog. Stay tuned. :)

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