Sunday, 22 December 2013

13 in 13 Linky Party

Hi all! I miss this blog and miss connecting with all of you. I've been on an extremely busy railroad ...The good news is that it's winding down and the bad news is that for the next week or two it's going to be 'trying-to-find-my-missing-sock' kind of busy with all the Christmas festivities lol. 
We've wrapped up our teaching and planning for this year and I'm so happy that it's done and dusted, although next year will be an even busier year (you will see if you keep reading ;). I've decided to link up with A Teeny Tiny Teacher - I just LOVE the name of her store!! - for a recap of 2013. 

This is a very tough one! You mean, I have to choose between all the Greek beach dresses and the leather jacket I got from Rome this year?!?!? Haha

I've worn the jacket at least 10 times in Australia thanks to our topsy turvy weather (believe me I can get more wear out of it in summer than in winter down under!) 

The beach dresses I've worn at random times and my sister has pinched two already (even though I got her a bunch as well lol) 

I really can't decide haha...

It has to be...

I really loved this movie, it includes many themes that people go through everyday plus love Tony's witty humor, it's also an action adventure which is a perfect combination. 


I know I discovered it in 2012 and watched every single episode and waited patiently for the last season to start. Just LOVE this show. My favorite character is Marshall. And....We are yet to see when Ted meets his wife!! Haha

Maybe I'm obsessed with Italian food or maybe this restaurant really is the culprit to that obsession! :P

Great tasting Italian food EVERY time... Consistency is key. :)

Getting married...haha! I was afraid of it before but it's better than I thought! OF course.. with the right person, it should feel this way. :)

A paper / folder bag specifically for storing loose papers and folders. My husband got this from his work. It is the best bag yet! I've been looking for a great bag since I bought that ridiculously large and heavy one back in January 2013. 

Mmmmmmmmm... I don't know about this one! I've pinned soooo many things I can't choose one. Right now the one that is highlighted mostly is the one of the Christmas Photo Booth Props... Absolutely LOVE this idea and it's all thanks to Catching Fire Flies. 

Seriously, haven't been the best blogger this year due to all the changes, getting married, moving houses (about two times in a year LOL) 

I am SOO incredicbly thankful to everyone who has read and commented on any little blog post I've written this year. You are the ones that have actually made this blog! -- Love getting new ideas, collaborating with teachers and professionals all over the world. 

My best accomplishment for this year was knowing how much support and progress I've given all the students I've taught. I know this from their comments and their enthusiasm when they come to class. 

I mostly taught my ESL classes this year, I love those classes. It warmed my heart to see how appreciative they are of their teachers! 

This is tricky! I snap photos EVERYWHERE lol. 

Has to be this...

Just to see his many facial reactions to every photo we had to take before, during, and after the wedding is priceless! Lol

My favorite memory of 2013 has to be the the wedding day, but also the hens night which I never wanted to have in the first place but which turned out to be an awesome night of because of the people who were there! My sister planned it and chose an Elvis impersonator and a destination, listening to music and eating Italian food haha! 
To my mom especially who loved ALL the parties... !! :)

My goal for 2014 is to continue teaching and doing what I love, I'd also LOVE to complete the house with the little touch ups it needs, like decorative things and the small things that you never know you'd need until you move such as (serving trays and more cutlery lol)

I'd just like to give a shout out to everyone who has been reading my blog and supporting my ideas! I love sharing ideas please keep them coming.

I wish you an awesome year ahead and a wonderful Christmas! I'd love to read your comments, or your link ups, so if you have joined in this link up, leave your link in the comments! :)

PS: I am REALLY looking for my missing sock. Haha!