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Fry Weekly Word Practice! + Freebie

My oh my! --- have I been MIA. This week, I have uploaded the second pack for spelling practice using Fry words. These packs have deemed so successful in the past that I have decided to work on more packs! - Students reacted so well to each sheet given per week as a fun assignment and not some tedious job that they 'have' to do! This blog post will outline how to use them effectively step by step! 

Firstly,  the pack comes with activities for 5 weeks of word work practice. You will get a set of 6 word cards for each week and two empty cards - which you can include any extra words for that week.

So after they have been printed and laminated, use a few tricks / games to help kids get more exposure to the words. Here are some activities which can be used with these word cards or any word cards you have in your tub / folders.

Here's how I use these cards for extra activities in class - sometimes not needing any recording sheets / print-outs!

Game 1: See it, Hear it, Say it
This game is a simple activity where students practice listening to the word (pronunciation), then say it. It is great for reinforcing pronunciation (ESL Students) and for word recogniting / listening skills.
Method: have a pile of 10 word cards ready and explain to the class that they are to work in groups. Split the class into two seperate groups, Group A & Group B then explain that they will need to hear the word and once they hear a whistle (or any recorded sound horn you'd like to use) - they are to repeat the word starting with Group A then Group B. (the louder the word the better). It may be a noisy activity, but it'll help keep the students motivated and excited to beat the other team! Competition is a great tool. =P

Game 2: Words I Remember...
This game is a great follow up to Game 1.
Method: Each group will then recieve a blank cardboard / sheet in which they will all write 1 word that they can remember on this sheet silently. As they work in groups, (they can be timed or untimed depending on their levels) you can remind them that the group with the most amount of words will win the contest! Have some incentive ready for the winning team. Repeat the words after the time is up. Have the children check their own posters to see if they're correct (or missing any words)!

Game 3: Crazy Missing Letters
This game can be used at the end of the week / day after reinforcing the exposure to the words.
Method: students recieve a pile of letter cards - if you don't have these you can download them right here from TPT for free. Make sure you have enough cards / sets to create the words used for the day. So this will require some pre-planning, although a great way to revise the vocabulary / sight words. Give each group their set of cards and instruct them to use ALL the cards to create the words used in the lesson today/week! (you would have already done the two games above / practiced these words throughout the week). Circulate the room and see how many words were found by each group!

Game 4: Card Snap
This game can be played in groups and is best used after the students have been exposed to the words.
Method: make a set of flashcards with the words and lay them out on the table in each group. Instruct the students that once they hear the word - they will pick up the card and they must be quick before the other group members pick it up. Teacher / or you could place someone in charge of watching who picked up the card first!Refer to the freebie below to use as a recording sheet for tallying up scores.

Game 5: Write the Room -Sneaky Hiding Words
This game is great to be played also after the students have been exposed to the words.
Method: glue the words around the classroom, in many different places. Instruct the students that they are to find the words and write them on their papers. The team that finishes first wins. It's a team effort, so all the members must be quick to memorise / and record the word! Refer to the attached freebie with this post for a printable recording sheet for any set of cards!

For further take home practice, they can complete the 5 sets of worksheets in the pack! They can also be used as morning work, review, or quick assessments.

So far, I've created two of these packs and pack 3 is in the works! **will hopefully complete it once I stop procrastinatin** =D
Here are the links for each of the packs: Note ** although they are made to follow up the previous packs, it isn't necessary that you purchase pack 1 for instance so that pack 2 will be beneficial. If you find that your students need a slightly higher level in practice, you may purchase pack 2 / pack 3 sepereately etc...

Pack 1

Pack 2

Here is the freebie which is linked to the games above! You can play these games with ANY set of flashcards and still use these recording sheets! Enjoy. :)

 Now for the quick updates, I have recently posted this unit on Fry words also. They are sentence posters using the first 100 set of fry words. Perfect for binding together and allowing the students to get familiar with the words and how they are used in sentences during writing centers or small groups / reading and spelling activities!
If you'd like to check it out, it's right here:

Hope you've enjoyed this post, hope you check back soon. There will be laods of Christmas themed goodies coming your way! If you haven't joined FB Sea of Knowledge yet, now's the time! - There will be another December Frenzy coming up with over 200+ freebies!! :)

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