Friday, 1 November 2013

Awesome Free Thanksgiving Resources + Turkey Ordinal Numbers Freebie :)

Hello hello hello! It's been FOREVER since I posted on this little blog...I was getting kind of lazy I admit hehe... But also exhausted because of moving houses! The house had a major kitchen, freshly painted walls, new chimney (I normally HATE winter but I am now oh-so looking forward to it =) it is nearly over ...except for the random 3 boxes with items of don't-know-where-to-store-them sitting in the corner of the dining room and I'm trying my VERY VERY best not to look at them directly...LOL. As you all know (or us ladies would) when you move houses, you will need to shop for missing things and suddenly 101 things you thought you had are suddenly missing!! =P

Soo... this was the face I had to see everytime I said "Shopping"...
I decided to swap the word "shopping" to "sport" everytime I needed something... needless to say his revenge was turning on the sports channel for 4 long hours after we got back that day! grrrrrrr...

This will be a very short post, I have done my reasearch on the internet for finding some thanksgiving related respources. I currently teach ESL, but I have organised the titles for primary and ESL. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, but I LOVE the idea behind the tradition and I, myself like to learn and read about it. So here is a breakdown of some resources I have found to prepare you for November!

Primary Resources:
This reasource can be used for grades (K-3) to reinforce counting, numbers, tallying and patterns - best of all it's free! :)
This resource is a must have for writing! Also can be used for grades (k-3) and it is over 30 pages! Some of the titles included in this pack (love the last one): 
*How to Cook A Turkey
*How to Make a Turkey Bark
*How to Make A Turkey Your Pet
*How to Give Thanks For What You Have
 This resource is also a free craftivity to encourage children to identify with all the things they can be thankful for in their lives! I love this, it reminds the kids (and all of us) of what matters in life.
This resource is an activity which helps children identify rhyming words, great for grades (pre-k-1). Love the cards in this pack!

Finally, I'd like to include my Thanksgiving freebie full of Turkeys! This activity is a center game that helps reinforce ordinal numbers. Get it at the Sea of Knowledge Facebook page! Click the image to take you directly to the page. Enjoy ;)

Thank you for reading, wishing you a lovely November! Look out for upcoming posts related to Christmas + giveaway and a linkup right here at this blog. ;)


  1. Thanks so much for all the fantastic freebies!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! Wishing you a fab November. :)