Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bats, Spiders & Frankenstein! (this one is cute though) =P + 2 Freebies :)

Hello everyone! I've been so busy with preparations to move in the next two weeks that I have made over 100 lists... literally...AND I still feel like I'm missing something lol. Everything seems to be in order, except... we hope that the sofa delivery actually goes through next week (they rang us to delay a few times) - otherwise, we will be lounging around on our tiled floor for the first week haha. 

So, I've got some exciting updates for you all. I've recently completed a Halloween pack this week, I have bundled up several activities which I've used in the past and created a few new ones. The exciting thing about this is that I made it so that I keep everything laminated and I could use it over and over - along with so many other teaching activities I've accumulated from TPT. So addictive I tell you! Once I return to primary teaching next year (currently teaching ESOL), I will already have had it prepared! -- only some day to day adjustments. :)

I decided to include a guide of how to best use the pack in the classroom. I will talk about my favorite activities in the unit. =D (we all have favs ha) So, I will begin with Bat Facts...Firstly, grab a non-fiction book about bats, and have a whole-class guided reading session - brainstorm some facts about bats ont the board and as a fun activity, write down some wrong facts about bats and let the students decided whether you've written the correct thing! (this keeps the students actively learning!)  Cut out these cards, you will get 12. Start by discussing these with the class or even in a group. I did the group activity where students will help each other and discuss whether the fact is true or not. It is fun seeing the students work together to figure it out!

Following this activity, students will be ready to start using their recording sheets to remember and write down the information they remember. Here are some recording sheets for this activity. 

The different recording sheets and graphic organisers help organise information in a steady way. Students can understand and grasp information easily once it's organised in a simple format. I like to give students a variety of ways that they can represent information through diagrams, texts etc. 
My next fav activity is SPIDERS:
Here students practise their letters and their handwriting skills. Great for Pre-k or K. 

Here's an image of the letter cards:

Students then use these recording sheets to practise their skills! Love this activity, because it's great for ELL/ESL students. My units have specific activities which are useful for ESL students - I use a little graphic at the far left corner to indicate that this activity is of a level that ELL learners can comprehend and benefit from: 

Here's the spidey matching letters recording sheet:

The last center for today is the Frankenstein center. I actually added this one this year! Ten frames are often tricky for students to grasp. I decided to add graphics and cards to help students identify with them and counting. This center has ten-frame cards and recording sheets for students to practice on, here is a sample image of the cards:

Students then can practice matching the cards with the numbers (there are scarecrow number cards in the pack). There are games to go with this center, so many ways to practise! I like to include individual worksheets to help identify struggling students. I love group work, but I like to see the overall competence of each student. Here is a recording sheet to help students further develop this skill:

If you'd like to check out the full unit, it's right here, just click on the image:)

Finally, I'd like to let you know that there is a freebie from this pack! here it is! Just click on fan freebie and download. make sure you follow, soon I will be holding a massive giveaway on Facebook and at the blog. Keep a lookout. :)

Another freebie I'd like to giveaway is an ESL one. This one can be used for ESL as well as grades 2-5! It reinforces adjectives of emotion. A battleship pair work game! It's from my brand new ESL store (only for ESL resources - feel free to follow if you find that the resources will be useful to you) Get it here, just click on the image to lead you to the document! :)

My brand new ESL store is right here:

Finally, here's a massive giveaway at Alison Hislop's blog over at Teaching Maths with Meaning. Click on the link here to join, soooo many awesome resources!

 Thank you for reading! Love to hear your comments about Halloween. How do you prepare for it in the classroom? :)