Monday, 2 September 2013

Teaching Numbers with Games + Linky Party & Freebie!

So, I have managed to maintain SOME sanity after the crazy few weeks of returning to teaching after a long holiday. I need another one (ASAP) haha. This post will explore different games that you can use to incorporate number recognition and reinforcement throughout the year. Numbers and word numbers are not easily remembered so repitition and exposure should always be key throughout the teaching process.

Here are two simple games to begin reinforcing numbers 0-10 (without the use of any written resources - but your mind of course! =P)

Counter Count Race
1. Draw simple counters on the board in groups of 10 on the board and leave a small circle underneath for students to write down their numerals. Divide the class into two large groups. Instruct the students that when you say START, one person from each group must come up to the board, count the counters and write the digit on the board. Continue this process until all have completed and warn the class that they are timed. For example if they are profficient enough - allow them 5 minutes to complete the task (should be plenty) and if they are beginners, allow them 10 minutes. WHichever group completed all the numbers first AND gets all the digits correctly wins the round.

Listen, Count and Place
2. Use a box of tools such as buttons, toys etc. and give each group a set of ten items. The box must remain in the middle of the table and students must be seated in their groups with no chatting (about contents of the box etc). Asign one student to be the 'tally officer', he/she will record their results on a paper. Begin the game by instructing the students that they will compete against the other group by listening to the number you call out and counting the number of items and placing them on the table. They must do this within a 30-40 seconds after you call out the number. Each number called out must be represented with items in front of 1 member from each group. For instance if you've got 25 students in class and you have a group of 12 each, then call out as many as 12 numbers. The tally officer will record the number you say on a piece of paper along with the number e.g (number 1 is '2'). By the end of the game, you walk around and instruct the tally officer of how many numbers the group completed correctly!

Here is a simple math center that I've created to help reinforce these numbers in a fun and engaging way! Click on the image below to grab your freebie!

Linky Party!

This is my very very first so I hope all goes well. :)

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