Monday, 23 September 2013

Ideas for Reinforcing CVC Words + FB Freebie!

Hi everyone! It's been forever since I posted here - I've been extremely busy with moving house and all. So far I have painted a feature wall in a deep purple color. Photo will be uploaded here once I get a good picture of the paint haha! We're also in the midst of renovating the kitchen. PS: I hate moving! I have moved houses about 4 times in the past 2 years and can't wait to just settle in one place. :)

Here are some updates from the last post (in case you're wondering):
Yoga: have just started doing the 15 minute workouts yesterday (for people who have no time LOL) you can actually find that link on Youtube believe it or not!
Novel: Haven't started Safe Haven yet (novel for Nocholas Sparks) It is - however on my nightstand....waiting. =)
Minimize salt: I managed to cook with less salt - but add more salt to my own plate haha...

Onto this week's topic! - We are on Australian school holidays and I have been working to finish all my lesson plans before I get back in two weeks time. Here is what is in the works, it will be 100+ pages for Kinders and Grade 1 I have used in the past just never completed:

 For a chance to win this mega pack and 3 other new ones I've completed, join the Sea of Knowledge Facebook now! You will get the notification straight away and join the giveaway which I will do in early October. I love Halloween and the reason why I do is included in this unit. Kids don't know the real reason we celebrate Halloween - there is a story to it. =)

Ideas for reinforcing CVC Words

I love using games in class. The reason is, students will be learning without actually knowing that they are - they will be enjoying the process and not dreading the tedious tasks which many textbooks have in place. They are important - although a different take on learning is important to keep minds fresh and upbeat. 

Method 1: Use picture cards with the CVC words on them. As much as you can - reinforce the meanings of these words as well as the spelling.
Here is a great freebie stamping center by Kcalder. The link is right here:

Method 2: Use games. Here is a great freebie board game I researched and used. It can be a great tool for ESL learners. The download is of a game board and then of the word cards. 
The link is right here:

Method 3: Reinforce daily spelling and word activities - give learners a chance to develop these skills at home as well! - Hand out activities for revision (worksheets) or links for parents to use to allow their children to practice at home etc. Learning does not only take place in the classroom! Here are some links to great games:

Method 4: Use take home word puzzles and riddles for students to complete! I have a mini freebie from the unit title CVC 'short a' words 34-page bundle with find-a-word and riddles! The link
to the freebie is right here (click on the fan freebie button and become a fan to get it!):

If you'd like to check out the full unit, it's right here.

Lastly! - I will need two kind volunteers to help me edit my Halloween unit before I post it (I will send it to you in about a week). The good news is you will recieve the full unit free (after proofreading and editing it). The bad news is, it's long and you will need to finish it in two days! hehe
If you'd like to do this, please let me know by leaving your e-mail here and if you have FB to join the Sea of Knowledge - to keep you updated on the process!

Look forward to your comments and e-mails! :)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Random Post ~ Facebook Update!

Hi everyone! This post is a totally random one... but thought since I'll be busy working on units in the next few weeks, I'll let out all I need to say before I get no time to post! haha

So, I've decided to jump on the Facebook wagon and open a page for the Sea of Knowledge! I'm so excited and overwhelmed (mind you) the number of things I need to learn to perfect it....however I only did it so that I could get to post quick tips, ideas which I find quite a lot on Pinterest and interact with all of you there! I will be hosting a Giveaway for all of my units in the next few weeks! So stay tuned! :D I may also be requesting some people to proofread my units before I post them. That would be absolutely LOVELY! 

To encourage you all to join, I have included a fan based freebie only available to you if you join! this is a screen shot of it right here:

It's actually three pages. I will be completing this unit soon and posting it. It is a word hunt which includes riddles and CVC words with Short 'a' sounds.

I have also just completed afull unit which incorporates Literacy and Math centers and teaches students all about our community and careers. I will blog about it soon, but here is the link in case you would like to check it out first! It took me a long time to compile it, as I've used it a long time ago in class, but I refreshed it with better graphics and some extra goodies! :)


Hope to see you on Facebook for more interaction - I would love to hear from you there, post a link or a quick hello! :) Thank you in advance for reading!! :)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Currently! September :)

Hi everyone! I just stumbled upon the cutest idea to make every month fantastic (and encourage us to achieve 5.6878% of our monthly goals which may consist of endless lists haha)... CURRENTLY :)
I stopped over at Farely's blog and was there for over an hour...just so many ideas and fun! Sooo... I decided to join the fun even... I encourage you to join also! Here blog is called Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Here is my currently:

Listening: so the computer had to be positioned so close to the TV that I could not only WATCH sports but I can HEAR it ...ALL the time. (note to self: must reposition the computer in the house). My husband is also a member of my I must try to not knock sports that much lol. I REALLY REALLY tried to watch it (one of the football matches)...I just dozed off BOTH times. I concluded that since it was a physiological response, that my body is allergic to sports. =P

Loving: so I went all out and bought a new work bag to fit ALL of my things that I think I'd need throughout the day - which I only end up using 10% off. I took it to work this week and it was like dragging a house all day. Needless to say, it stayed in the staff room all day and I only looked into it twice ALL up to take out a folder and a a notebook. To sum up...Need new bag...back to square one lol. 

Thinking: ok, I'm in season 7 of the TV show The Office. I love how every episode is a new story line (no matter how pointless it may be), although it's coming to a near end and I am already looking for a new one to get into! Would love any ideas! :D ... (PS: seen Friends, How I met your mother, Two and a half men etc) Still waiting on the new season of How I met your mother. LOVE that show.  

Wanting: ok... so the bag is back on the list (refer to second part: Loving) lol
So, this weekend I will look for a way to color code my lesson plans (after laminating and printing them) all into one folder and specific to grade levels. 

Needing: ok... this might not happen for another few months and even then will be a tiny mini one compared to the major one I just had. WHY WHY did I have to have a long 5 week holiday. It doesn't help keep you happy that you had a LONG'll ONLY make you want more holidays! lol

Heart: need more time with the family! (can't wait for Christmas!) 2. ok so I love salt, is that a crime?!? I recently read up on the long term health effects if you have a lot of salt - did not like the findings. (I even searched several sources just to make sure the findings were correct), unfortunately... salt is bad! Blood pressure and basically linked to every disease you can think of out there. =S
3. I miss yoga! I have been very lazy and since we are phasing into spring in Australia right now... I have no excuse to be LAZY, so next week I will update you on whether I got to do yoga (and a run) at least 3 times a week. :)

Hope you've enjoyed reading this (and that you didn't doze off during the sports paragragh... haha)

Stay tuned! I'm currently completing the last few things for a bundled unit all about professions for grades 1-3. It will be up hopefully in the next week! I'll also be finalizing the 3rd month in K morning work. 

Thank you for reading! :)

Monday, 2 September 2013

Teaching Numbers with Games + Linky Party & Freebie!

So, I have managed to maintain SOME sanity after the crazy few weeks of returning to teaching after a long holiday. I need another one (ASAP) haha. This post will explore different games that you can use to incorporate number recognition and reinforcement throughout the year. Numbers and word numbers are not easily remembered so repitition and exposure should always be key throughout the teaching process.

Here are two simple games to begin reinforcing numbers 0-10 (without the use of any written resources - but your mind of course! =P)

Counter Count Race
1. Draw simple counters on the board in groups of 10 on the board and leave a small circle underneath for students to write down their numerals. Divide the class into two large groups. Instruct the students that when you say START, one person from each group must come up to the board, count the counters and write the digit on the board. Continue this process until all have completed and warn the class that they are timed. For example if they are profficient enough - allow them 5 minutes to complete the task (should be plenty) and if they are beginners, allow them 10 minutes. WHichever group completed all the numbers first AND gets all the digits correctly wins the round.

Listen, Count and Place
2. Use a box of tools such as buttons, toys etc. and give each group a set of ten items. The box must remain in the middle of the table and students must be seated in their groups with no chatting (about contents of the box etc). Asign one student to be the 'tally officer', he/she will record their results on a paper. Begin the game by instructing the students that they will compete against the other group by listening to the number you call out and counting the number of items and placing them on the table. They must do this within a 30-40 seconds after you call out the number. Each number called out must be represented with items in front of 1 member from each group. For instance if you've got 25 students in class and you have a group of 12 each, then call out as many as 12 numbers. The tally officer will record the number you say on a piece of paper along with the number e.g (number 1 is '2'). By the end of the game, you walk around and instruct the tally officer of how many numbers the group completed correctly!

Here is a simple math center that I've created to help reinforce these numbers in a fun and engaging way! Click on the image below to grab your freebie!

Linky Party!

This is my very very first so I hope all goes well. :)

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