Saturday, 17 August 2013

Back to School should be (sane) & FUN!

Hello all!! I hope you're all having a wonderful time whether you're all frenzied out preparing for the new school year or still soldiering on throughout the year! Thought I might share some comedy... ;)

 This is a random quick post just reminding you of the back to school mega sale over at TPT! I have up to 28% off all my units on TPT including these new ones. :)

My new morning work units for the first 2 months in Kindergarten...

 And many many more...:)

Wishing you a great (and calm) back to school time! ;)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

A HUGE Hello!! Tips for Classroom Behavior Management + Rule Posters Freebie!

Wow!! I have been somewhat missing in action the past few weeks - I had to adjust to the cold climate not to mention the jetlag! I need another holiday. =P Once I logged into the Blogger webpage - I was dazed going through all the awesome new posts! - I only scheduled to 'read' for an hour but I was there for far much longer...I even set the alarm on my phone but I just swiped the phone away from me like the nuisance it was once it beeped haha just link after link...

So, as I am preparing myself for lesson planning again, I am getting ready for this look by the end of November! .... =P

Needless to say, I was making up for lost time not blog hopping on holiday. :P The holiday was absolutely out of this world, my favourite parts were walking the streets of Rome and Paris and seeing all the culture there. As promised, here is a preview of what we did in pictures: 

This was Rome (Spanish Steps and the Vatican) and Paris (Eiffel Tower) AMAZING!

Now, onto some behaviour management tips for teachers at the start of the school year or really throughout the year. They are most effective around the start of the year though.

Effective Behavior Management Tips:

1. Class Physical Set Out: This is the most important step in minimizing misbehaviour and off-task distractions. Think about the main activities that you'll have in your curriculum, are they mainly center work or more whole-class / teacher instructed and individual tasks? Consider your main desk, is it located in a spot where it is visually accessible to ALL students? 

2. Variety of Tasks: Students get restless and bored with too much focus on the one task, be prepared with several tasks on hand and extra work for those early finishers who can handle a little extra work. distractions and misbehavior often occur when students have finished their work and / or are bored with the task at hand. I find that rotating center work in groups is often the best way to help keep students active, motivated and in learning gear. 

3. RESPOND to Misbehavior by Giving the Offending Student Options: Once setting out rules at the beginning of the year, students should be aware of the rules in class. Therefore, if one should break these rules, you are to respond by giving the student options: a. Quietly complete the task. b. Complete the Task later and leave the class. c. Not be involved in a group game. 

Here is a fun and short freebie of poster rules I've created to be used in the classroom, they can be laminated and hung all year round. Just click on the image below to get it!

Hope you've enjoyed reading today's post! Stay tuned for more updates and a community unit coming up soon. Would love to hear your feedback! :) Many more Freebies right here...!
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