Thursday, 13 June 2013

Morning Work - Freebie + Congrats to the Two Giveaway Winners! :)

Hi all! Just posting quick updates to congratulate Sarah and Ruth for winning the giveaway at my blog - I'd like to everyone for participating and I have enjoyed reading through all your vacay destinations - It was so much fun! My hubby had to literally unplug the power off my laptop so that it'd drain and I would be forced to turn off my laptop hehe :)

On another note I'm very excited to have completed the two morning work units I've worked on throughout last year - I've just updated them with better graphics and more work to suit US standards as well as the AU standards. Here is a snapshot of the Morning Brain Train 1st Month in Kindergarten:

If you like to check out the unit, the link is right here. 

Here is a snapshot of Morning Brain Train 2nd Month in Kindergarten:


If you'd like to check out the full unit, it's right here.

Now, onto the good stuff. Here is a sample of the first 4 pages in the Morning Brain Train - 1st Month in Kindergarten unit! Just click on the picture to get the freebie!

Stay tuned, because two very clever teachers will share amazing resources with you throughout my absence in July to help prepare for the back to school frenzy. Australians are back to teaching in early July, we only have a term break. :)

Thank you for reading this post! Hope you enjoy this at the start of school. I'm very very excited to pack my bags (mind you leaving on Thursday and still not packed) and escape the winter blues.=D I will really miss blog hopping in those 5 weeks, but gauranteed that my eyes will light up everytime I see access to wifi in Europe (note to self: do NOT take the iphone everywhere you go.) hehe. I am prepared to take a billion photos and will share a few of my fav's on this blog once I get back. :)

Happy teaching break for Australians and a happy summer to everyone else all over the world!