Tuesday, 28 May 2013

90+ Followers & Vacation Giveaway! + Summer Freebie :)

Hello all! I was so happy to reach over 90 followers at my TPT store and blog yesterday that I decided to do a giveaway! This is my very first one, but I'll defintely be doing more of them. I participated in a great one over at Whoooo's Ready to Teach and thought I'd give back to all the wonderful TPTers and supporters. :)

I'm also going on vacation (honeymoon) on June 21st and that explains the question in the rafflecopter hehe! I thought I'd make it fun! I'd love to hear about your favorite holiday destination. :) You can either leave me a comment or answer the question. Can't wait! This raffle will end in 16 days.

The winner will get to choose ANY two items from my store! 

YAY, I've just refreshed a few of my units and added some new units to prepare for when I get back into prep mode in August - can you imagine the jet lag?!...
I am working on two units one for community and society and another one for morning work come August and best of all...my favorite time of year...CHRISTMAS! :)

Ok, ok enough babbling. 
Wait...there's more. I've added a brand new freebie posted at TPT. It's a teenie part of a summer unit I'm working on finishing. Click on the image to direct you straight to the page for download. :)

If there should be any problems entering this game I'm quite new at this, just drop me a line to: yh.seaofknowledge@gmail.com
Thank you again for all your support!! :)

Monday, 20 May 2013

Mystery Messages Fun! + New Items :)

Firstly, I wanted to give a shout out to every one of you who has followed my TPT store and provided FAB feedback! I love receiving those knowing that I've helped out other teachers make their life just a little easier! .. This has inspired me to create a freebie out of the brand new unit which I've recently revamped as I have used it in the past although it wasn't properly geared up for TPT. :)

I used this this at the end of the year with students struggling with number recognition and order. It's titled 'End of Year Mystery Monster Messages for K'. 

The first step is to prepare the class that they are going to be using their math skills to solve every letter puzzle to make up the one-word answers to the two riddles. You can split the class into groups and laminate a few of thyese riddle sheets for durability. Here are the pages for the riddles (LOVE monster themes):

Hand out a recording sheet to each student in every group (these need to be individual):
Then, hand out the puzzle sheets to each group one by one. A standard is listed at the bottom of each puzzle to indicate which concept they are practising! Remember to give them as much time in their groups to complete each puzzle. I found that this activity was especially great for students who were struggling a little with their numbers. The puzzles only use numbers 1-25. Here is a sample of the puzzle sheets below:

In the end, they will collect their puzzle recording sheets (typically they would be done over a week/2 weeks period). You can collect the puzzles for each student and find out what they're struggling with and maybe repeat that particular concept with the whole class. THis was a FUN and engaging activity which helped my class review and understand concepts in math. 

I am giving away a freebie puzzle from the first Mystery Message. Letter B. Click below to grab your freebie! 

If you'd like to buy the full unit, the link is right here.

I have recently also completed a fun end of year word hunt ALSO monster themed. - NO, I will not get sick of that theme! Ha!.. You can click on the image below to take a peak!

Hope you've enjoyed this post! Let me know how well they go in your classroom! Thank you all for reading.

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Monday, 6 May 2013

Big Sale + New Freebie!

Hello everyone! Just a short post to wish you all a great sale! Check out the sale all over TPT and in my store, just click on the graphic below. 

Hats off to Shelley Gray for this awesome graphic!

Happy Shopping! :D