Thursday, 21 February 2013

Spelling Activities to Strengthen Memory!

I hope you have had good week! ~ I, on the other hand thought that Monday was going to be the craziest day of all - but I was wrong. The craziness continued throughout the week from assessments and class work to forgetting (on the most important day of the week mind you) my teaching suitcase which had all of those at home! Although, now I have a super sized block of cadbury chocolate next to me and all is well with the world again. =D  

So, the main theme for this week has been the do's and don't's of spelling. As much as we repeat the rules of spelling and punctuation, these are often forgotten and repetition is almost a must every week. So, I've decided to gather the most useful tips and tricks to help strengthen students' memory banks with spelling.

Useful tip 1: Always have a word wall in class and update it each week. This will help students recall the words, even if they'd forgotten the meanings or how to spell the words, they will be able to learn and remember through everyday exposure of the words. 

Useful tip 2: Create sentences with the given words each week. Practice these in class and have the students build sentences themselves out of the words using cards. The only way for the students to learn the words is for them to create sentences and use the words. 

Useful tip 3: Have a drop quiz every week to review the words. The drop quiz can be a spelling test with the words or a dictation with the words for that week. These quizes are informal quizes whereby students can mark each others work or mark the work as a class. 

Useful tip 4: Stick to a list of words each week and don't give out more than the students can handle.  Try to get them to master the list for that week, then give them the next batch of words.

Useful tip 5: Do help the students learn basic spelling rules. The quizes are helpful each week although the rules are much more important - their understanding is much more effective than having repetative memorizing tasks.

Useful tip 6: When the students write, have them circle the words that they are unsure about or the ones that they find difficult to understand and spell. Allow them time to write them in their journals / books.

Useful tip 7: encourage the students to use these words in their journals and throughout their writing. Begin to endorse creative story writing with prompts. 

Useful tip 8: Focus on the short and long vowel sounds throughout the year, these help students gain strength in recognising sounds and spelling through those sounds.

Finally, I am currently working on a spelling / word builders pack and I decided to share the first week of the activities here. The pack includes activities for over 200 fry words for grade 1. 

The freebie is right here.

I will be creating packs for other grades in time. I hope youy've enjoyed this post and that you have found this post and freebie useful, wishing you a lovely remaining February.

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  1. Hello! Love the chocolate! These are really great tips. Your blog is very useful!