Thursday, 10 January 2013

Freebie of the Week 2!

As promised, every week on Friday there will be one freebie either a short 2-4 page document from a major unit I've created or brand new ones which I have used in the classroom. Soon, I will also post many more of other awesome sellers once I figure out how to! :P

Anyhow...before I start babbling on... I'll delve straight into this activity. It is the beginning of the year and many of us are still getting our brains wrapped around many, many, many (many x 690) 'to do' lists for our classrooms and some of us who are more scatterbrained (i.e: me) are also doing these  lists for life in general. :P
This activity is a part of a full 63-page unit created to reinforce literacy and numeracy related to the number of months in a year, seasons, the days in a year as well as the days in a week. There are plenty of activities and centers to reinforce concepts. To further these activities, I have included calendar activities which help promote further understanding and apply it to life in general. The calendar is given to each student, and then they tick off accomplishments for that month and by the end of that month they receive an incentive if they have accomplished 10+ items (or whatever the teacher's rules are - these are completely adaptable.) 

Onto this week's freebie is a small part of that unit focused on days.On page one, students cut and paste the week day words in the correct order and on page two, students unjumble the words on the page to make 3 week day / weekend words.

You can download it here. If you'd like to have a look at the full unit, it's here.
Hope you enjoyed this post, onto number 61 on the to-do list: pick up groceries! :P

 Have a great week!

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