Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Valentines Linky Party Alert and Freebie! :)

Hi everyone! Wanted to share some comedy with you, this is what I felt this morning:

...It was also raining to make the sleep even more comfortable! :P I hope you've been enjoying the start of work or back to school for some. In Australia, most schools are back in session by the end of January / early February. 
Anyhow, I'd like to share two things with you in this post and I'll make it short. I've finally completed two Valentine's themed units (one for literacy and one for math) and posted them up.
  It took me almost two months to complete them! WHoa! They are full of centers and activitities to help fill up your February calendar. I will share more on those units in the upcoming month.

Now onto the first thing I'd like to alert you to is a Valentines Linky Party happening over at Ms. Lilypad's Littles... hop on over and add your favorite Valentines unit, right here.

The second part of this post is this week's freebie! Excursions and field trips are an important part of any teacher's planning throughout the year and over the years I'v e created single pages of what I'd like to reinforce for that specific field trip - so, I decided to bundle them all up into one resource! This unit won't be up till February on TPT but I wanted to give you a glimpse of it in this freebie:

The link for it is right here.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this post! ~ Until next time.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Day the Monsters Came to School...

**This unit would be most useful for Back to School work after a long holiday. For Australia it means early February and for the U.S it means August. ** I'll make this a short post since (if you're anything like me) you're either wishing you'd started lesson planning earlier or frantically looking for ready made lessons to help start you off. (this is me ha!)

So I'd like to introduce you to a unit I've recently completed, it is 77 pages and loaded with literacy and math centres which are all in line with specific outcomes. (these are all listed below). It;'s called Monsters! It'll be a sure way to kick off Kindergarten or Grade 1. It is geared towards reinforcing skills already learned or reviewed however, it can be used as an introductory unit to the skills you'd like to teach. Here is a snapshot / preview of the centres and activities included:

Here is a photo of the freebie of the week which I have chosen from the unit. One literacy activity and one math activity! Reading activity:

Math Number order activity:

You can download the freebie here.

Or get the full unit from my store here.

The outcomes covered in the unit are:

1.The learner can engage in a group reading activity.
2.The learner can with support, ask and answer questions about key details.
3.The learner can identify the relationship between illustrations and the text.
4.The learner can answer questions to identify their feelings.
5.The learner can identify with and understand the prepositions in, on, and at.
6.The learner is able to place words in alphabetical order.
7.The learner is able to recognise letters and make words as a result.
8.The learner can recognise subjects and replace them with pronouns.
9.The learner is able to recognise informational texts.
10.The learner is able to comprehend and respond to informational texts. 

1.The learner is able to recognise addition / subtraction operations and respond to them correctly.
2.The learner can recognise and match digits with the number of objects.
3.The learner can understand basic concepts of multiplication. (beginning)
4.The learner can identify digits and write the correct numbers in order.
5.The learner can recognise basic geometrical shapes.
6.The learner understands the basic concept of a ‘half’ and is able to make halves of basic numbers.
7.The learner can recognise groups and make halves.
8.The learner can make sums and subtractions of a total number given.
9.The learner can respond and solve basic mathematical word problems.
10.The learner can identify the heavier objects by recognising the illustrations.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Wishing you a wonderful remaining January. :)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Alphabet + Sight Word Review with Tibbo the Hippo...

By this date, you are either:

a. Still on holiday. (Not jealous at all.:P)
b. Just got back from your holiday, but still in holiday mode.
c. Wishing you're just starting the holiday - but also anxious for the new year and... frantically lesson planning in preparation.

If you are a (b) or a (c) then this post might benefit you, if you are still in (a) enjoy your holiday and read this when you're back. :P

I am at (b) at the moment but in a week I'll hopefully be shifting to (c) lol.

Anyhow, onto the main reason for this Post which is the weekly freebie - I thought it'll be a great idea to post a unit which includes alphabet reinforcement as well as Dolch Sight word review for Kinders / and many Grade 1's. 

This is a snapshot of the unit which can only be downloaded on this blog via the link below. 

This unit is also in line with the following standards:
  1. Identifying familiar and recurring letters and the use of upper and lower case in written texts in the classroom and community.
  2. Using familiar and common letters in handwritten communications.
The unit is 30 pages long, so please wait for it to download before scrolling through the pages.

It can be downloaded here.  
For more resources visit my store here.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I'd love to read your comments if you did.

Wishing you all the best this year!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Freebie of the Week 2!

As promised, every week on Friday there will be one freebie either a short 2-4 page document from a major unit I've created or brand new ones which I have used in the classroom. Soon, I will also post many more of other awesome sellers once I figure out how to! :P

Anyhow...before I start babbling on... I'll delve straight into this activity. It is the beginning of the year and many of us are still getting our brains wrapped around many, many, many (many x 690) 'to do' lists for our classrooms and some of us who are more scatterbrained (i.e: me) are also doing these  lists for life in general. :P
This activity is a part of a full 63-page unit created to reinforce literacy and numeracy related to the number of months in a year, seasons, the days in a year as well as the days in a week. There are plenty of activities and centers to reinforce concepts. To further these activities, I have included calendar activities which help promote further understanding and apply it to life in general. The calendar is given to each student, and then they tick off accomplishments for that month and by the end of that month they receive an incentive if they have accomplished 10+ items (or whatever the teacher's rules are - these are completely adaptable.) 

Onto this week's freebie is a small part of that unit focused on days.On page one, students cut and paste the week day words in the correct order and on page two, students unjumble the words on the page to make 3 week day / weekend words.

You can download it here. If you'd like to have a look at the full unit, it's here.
Hope you enjoyed this post, onto number 61 on the to-do list: pick up groceries! :P

 Have a great week!