Monday, 31 December 2012

I Will Eat Less Chocolate...

...If less = 10 bars a week. :P Happy New year Everyone! I hope you enjoyed (or are still enjoying) a relaxing break (with plenty of chocolate) to kickstart the new year with plenty of much needed energy hehe. 
Out of the list(s) I've made before the break, here are the things I've accomplished:
- Buy Christmas party favors. (Chocolate)
- Buy 3 big bags of mixed Chocolate bars (preferably Kit Kats).
- Buy a big fancy serving plate (for chocolate).

Need I go on?! You can only imagine the things that remain unaccomplished on that list. Anyhow, onto practical things. I would like to share a Freebie with you to kick start your year in the classroom. 

I plan to post one freebie a week on my blog so keep a lookout or follow to get these every week!

This one is for Kinders and Grade 1. It's simple and allows learners to unlock their imagination after a long holiday. It's a simple Draw and Write activity which is in line with the following standard:

Writing: with plenty of support, recall information from personal experience to complete a simple writing piece.

Here is an image sample of the document:
You can find the link to this document below. I hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to share your lists and future lists with me! Love to read your comments. :)

Best Wishes! ♥

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Blog Hop Freebies!

Bug-a-boo Odd and Even Numbers - For Kinders and first graders!

 Hello fellow teachers! I am enthused about preparing materials for the start of the 2013 school year and equally excited to give my vocal chords a rest during the break! :P
  In saying that, I wanted to share a brand new bug-themed freebie based on Odd and Even numbers. Many learners find that identifying odd and even numbers a tricky thing. So, at the start of the kinder / grade 1 year it is wise to give a review / rundown of this concept before delving into trickier areas in math.

The unit includes Odd and Even A4 posters as well as A4 sized guides for odd and even number endings. These can be laminated and hung in the classroom or used as center activities. Here is an image sample:

Two further centers (cut and paste and sorting) are included to practice and reinforce understanding:

You can find this free unit here. I'd like to thank you for reading this post, I hope you found it useful! For more freebies, visit my store here.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year! Xx

Many of my blogger friends participated in this blog hop which ends in a giveaway! If you got a bit lost along the way, here is a list of our contributors:

Now hop on over to the next freebie and awesome blog - From the Pond...

Friday, 14 December 2012

Merry Christmas... with Santa's Wacky Reindeer!

Wow, one more week till Christmas. Who knew this year would fly by in an instant. So how did you go with your resolutions for this year?! One of mine was 'do not make unrealistic lists.' and guess what?....I have a notebook specifically called 'urgent to do lists'. :P...Anyhow, onto THIS 'to do', I'd like to introduce you to a unit called 'Santa's Wacky Reindeer' filled with fun activities and centers for classrooms or homeschoolers. 

It has its own comptency list which allows the teacher to tick off what the child is competent in and as a result, identify strengths and areas of work. 
Some activities included in the unit I particularily LOVE. One of them requests the student to use their imagination one of Santa's helpers' jobs and in this case it is Pipsy the clumbsy reindeer! They are asked to draw one of these jobs (which are listed) or imagine a new one. This really helps train the child's imagination especially before writing. Do you hear this often in your class... 'but miss....what do I write about?'. Well, in hopes to tackle this problem, it's well worth it to use a lead into writing. The next favorite activity is called 'English Verbs and Nouns' in assisting students in developing and identifying their parts of speech - this'll be an excellent addition at the end of the year! Have a look at the snapshots below:

Finally, I'd like to conclude to let you know that there is a FREE preview of this unit full of 2 centers of math and 2 centers of literacy. You can find this here. Or you can purchase the full unit here.

Would like to wish you a merry Christmas and trully hope that the new year brings you an abundance of prosperity and joy!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

"Be the Teacher" Class Activity Idea!

 Often times the students feel lethargic and tired by the end of the day - and not to mention how much the teacher's vocal chords are needing the time out! :P
This activity will help reinforce grammatical strategies as well as get the class talking - and add a little competitiveness and screaming to the mix if your class thrives on competition!

Firstly, write out a few sentences for each group on the board, observe below:

Have a look at the example below. Then ask the students to talk amongst their groups about how to correct the errors in each sentence. (In a low voice)!
Then one by one, students will come up to the board and correct each sentence.
This activity really enhanced my students' skills of 'attention to detail' - because later on, I made a mistake on the board and they noticed it! Ha! Talk about 'being the teacher'! :P

Hope you enjoyed this post, would love to hear your comments if you've used this or anything similar in your classroom!
Always on the prowl for ideas. :)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Crafts and Ideas for the Classroom!

Hello everyone! This is my first post and what better way to start a blog than during the countdown to Christmas!!

I will share a craftivity we used in class to add some spirit and color! Although it was quite a simple task, because of the number of creative learners in my class it took 3 days to complete and get to the desired result! :P

What you need: (you can get these from any dollar store or marketplace)
- colorful large cardboards (the brighter the better)
- glue sticks (at least 5 depending on the number of students in your class)
- patterns and shapes for Christmas for tracing (you can find these on google)
- scissors (5)
- stars, glitter and ribbons (anything you think will look creative and colorful on Christmas cards)

Instruct the students to get into groups or complete individually. Show them a sample picture or create a card and have them use their imagination to create the perfect card!

Have a look at these examples:

Thank you for reading! And I hope you enjoy the month of December in the classroom. It's my favorite. :)